Uniswap liquidity provider

BDAM supports benefits for Uniswap liquidity providers as an event for the launch of an augmented reality mining game.
BPAL Coin is a utility token that is traded not only in mining games, but also in the NFT marketplace and the NFT DeFi project.

* Just change the trading pair to BPAL and you will share 2% of the total stake in BPAL!

* Participate now and take advantage of the great benefits!

* How to participate
Event period: 50 days (April 10-May 30)
Participate in LP:

2. Ranking of liquidity supply within the period (Standard utc…

AR Blockchain Mining Game Cute Hunter

BDAM Q1 2021 Milestone (Roadmap) Achievement!

We launched the world’s first blockchain AR mining game according to the roadmap.
In an augmented reality game based on UNITY 3D and Google Maps (GPS), users catch monsters and receive coins.

The ways to receive coins (reward) are as follows.

42 cute monsters
It is automatically mined when hunting cute monsters while walking around the streets. Increase to 200 monsters in April Season 2.

Hunted Monster PvP Battle
Win PvP random battles and earn coins. Enhance the level of monsters and characters and defeat your Confrontational opponents.

Rare Item, Rare Monster Hunt Hunt…

Q1 2021 [January — March]:
Milestone: Defi mining game launch
Blockchain Augmented Reality Mining Game Release
Game Mining Airdrop Event

Q2 2021 [April — June]:
Milestone: Defi lending NFT launch
Blockchain game NFT
NFT Marketplace (post famous museums, art galleries, and game items)
Blockchain Mining Game NFT Tournament Platform (20 more games E-SPORTS)
Defi lending/lease/staking NFT
Disclosure API
Listings (Uniswap, etc.)

Q3 2021 [July — September]
Milestone: Defi Video Social launch
Blockchain AI, AR video social
Video Social NFT
About 5~10 mining games scheduled to be launch
-Achieve 1 million MAU
-Achieve 10 million MAU
Disclosure API

Q4 2021 [October — December]
Milestone: Mainnet

Disclosure: xangle


Fortune announced that Washington DC and Baltimore based management consulting firm, Veltrust, is a winner of the 2020 IC100 award which recognizes the 100 fastest-growing firms across America. The winners were picked based on revenue growth and job creation during the four-year period.

Winners were revealed at the 2020 ICIC National Conference held virtually on December 8th. The full list is available on Fortune. Of the 100 businesses on the list, Veltrust led by CEO Jaian Cuttari was ranked #9 in the top 10, based on its four-year revenue growth rate of 968.46%.

ceo of veltrust jaian

“To say that 2020 has been an interesting year is an understatement, but it has been one of resilience, tenacity and above all, the unwavering commitment to never surrender to our circumstance because our dreams are always bigger than our circumstance. It is an honor to have Veltrust in the…


BDAM achievements from 2019 to 2020.

1. BDAM has released “MVP” of blockchain exchanges and blockchain wallets.

2. BDAM has announced a partnership with blockchain leisure and E-SPORTS platform ZAPAYGO and announced by entrepreneur (press).
ZAPAYGO “Be part of the Zapaygo community, we are partnered with the global leading EPOS systems Verteda and MSL Solutions with millions of customers and 60% of the UK sports and concert arenas.”

3. BDAM was the first to receive a congratulatory message from a blockchain project from accredited veteran entrepreneurs “Shark Tank”, “grant cardone” and “Dragon’s Dan”.

4. BDAM has released a technical white…

bdam and akoin

BDAM Partners and Supporters and Media Partners

“BDAM is proud to be part of the Goldmansachs Launch ecosystem for start up innovation”

We are preparing more partners.

#BDAM #launchwithgs #akoin #Enterprise #media

Thanks to technology, almost every industry, and the business sector are completely changed from what it was a decade or two ago. However, the finance and banking sector, despite evolving to modern-age fintech based models, is still using outdated methods and tools for its daily operations. Banking institutions mainly rely on third-party intermediaries for a majority of their operations, which not only makes the banking a time-consuming process but also adds to the overall costs. Consequently, customers have to pay a hefty third-party fee, face delayed transactions, expensive inter-border remittance, and privacy breaches. …

The crypto and blockchain industry is recording growth at an unprecedented pace on a global scale. The rise of blockchain, tokenization, and decentralized technology has unleashed a new breed of apps, sites, and services not only within the fintech space but across all major industries including but not limited to banking, supply chain industry, medical industry, etc. While in the developed countries, crypto projects such as Bitcoin are considered commodities, in economically stricken countries like Venezuela and Iran, these virtual currencies are being used as a mean of payment and store of value.

Acceptability is still a major issue:

However, despite the thriving market cap, this…

Taking a look back at some of our major achievements

A few days left into 2019, we’re taking a look back at the year with all of its exciting milestones. In a short span of time, we’ve launched the project, all of its associated websites, released products, completed a successful airdrop campaign, received accolades across media channels, and signed a number of notable partnerships. Please read on below as we review BDAM in 2019 and what are our plans for the year ahead!

While Beyond Digital Asset Marketplace (BDAM) has just launched during the last month of 2019, i.e., by…

BDAM Foundation

BDAM is a company that develops global scale blockchain mining games and NFT.

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