BDAM achievements from 2019 to 2020


BDAM achievements from 2019 to 2020.

1. BDAM has released “MVP” of blockchain exchanges and blockchain wallets.

2. BDAM has announced a partnership with blockchain leisure and E-SPORTS platform ZAPAYGO and announced by entrepreneur (press).
ZAPAYGO “Be part of the Zapaygo community, we are partnered with the global leading EPOS systems Verteda and MSL Solutions with millions of customers and 60% of the UK sports and concert arenas.”

3. BDAM was the first to receive a congratulatory message from a blockchain project from accredited veteran entrepreneurs “Shark Tank”, “grant cardone” and “Dragon’s Dan”.

4. BDAM has released a technical white paper on the development of “Edison-Chain” with a focus on blockchain scalability, and is developing with the goal of launching the mainnet.

5. BDAM has become a member of ETC Baltimore the world’s top five business incubator.

6. BDAM received received approval for the “launch with gs” ecosystem partner at Goldman Sachs.

7. CEO of BDAM conducted a interview on Nasdaq Studio Broadcasting.

8. BDAM was selected by Forbes for eight projects to note in 2020.

9. BDAM has conducted three interviews with the CEO of BDAM at Cointelegraph.

10. BDAM has released a project preview article on the BDAM project in Bloomberg.

11. BDAM has been a member of the Board of Directors of the World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF) G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI).

12. BDAM is a member of the Federal Reserve’s Business Payments Coalition (BPC) Association.

13. BDAM Coin has integrated with a trust wallet compatible with Binance dex.

14. BDAM has entered into a technology partnership with the corporate payment platform blocpal.
Blocpal As a blockchain POS(point of sales) system and payment gateway, we have supported payments of 30 billion dollars in partnership with companies so far.

* Veteran entrepreneurs and blockchain experts are working as a team to set industry standards, but BDAM has also reduced many activities due to the covid 19 aftermath.
However, BDAM turns crisis into an opportunity and is still making the best of it.

2020–2021 Continued…

1. Announcement of Akoin ecosystem (akoin wallet, akon city) Partnership.
2. Business partnership with blockchain eco-friendly agricultural development technology company.
3. Joint ventures (JV) press release.
4. Nasdaq interview with Akon & huge exchange.
5. BDAM Bank Financial License.
6. Nascar Racing and e-sports partnership.
7.Launched large brands such as Seven-Eleven and Wal-Mart. etc..
8. UK Trade Department support.
9. Listed on huge exchange, and much more..

Please keep an eye on BDAM’s future steps to always create a true resource.


white paper:
pitch deck:

social: (bdam ceo)

BDAM is a company that develops global scale blockchain mining games and NFT.

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