BDAM-British Digital Asset Management.
A complete financial ecosystem providing state-of-the-art banking, trading and payment solutions on the global scale.
topswap all-in-one defi platform

BDAM was launched in 2018 through a team of veteran entrepreneurs, It is composed of government, legal, corporate, financial industry experts, and blockchain industry lead development team, and is about to launch a large-scale online and offline payment gateway solution that applies blockchain infrastructure to real consumer life.

BDAM is based on financial settlement solutions such as crypto, FIAT, visa, master and physical card, POS system, and derivative platforms such as loans, leverage, futures options, OTC, etc.E-SPORTS, travel, stores, games, token assets, art We are aiming to launch a variety of financial models ranging from gold to real estate. Our goal is to integrate all consumer product brands, from Binance Coin Infrastructure, the leading brand in the blockchain industry, to the usual big brands 7-Eleven, akon, Nascar, etc., and realize faster and lower fees.

Our company is a blockchain payment solution development company that prepares for global scale finance. There are already 50 million users on our resource.
We are pleased to announce that we are starting the defi project as a financially based company.

We are developing an all-in-one solution that allows you to experience all kinds of defi in one place via Binance Chain and Ethereum infrastructure. In the second phase, we plan to launch a loan platform with NFT as collateral.

We have close partnerships with akon, blocpal, smartkas, etc, and we have entered the countdown of listings on major exchanges.

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blocpal is a blockchain payment gateway solution company that has processed $60 billion payments so far.
Currently, it is used by about 50 million users.
(President blocpal is a technical advisor to BDAM)
smartkas is a company that has the technology to bring innovation in blockchain agriculture, and started a joint venture with the Dubai royalty.
(The founder of smartkas is BDAM CFO)
akoin As a coin that has been listed on major exchanges on November 11th, it is an actual project to build a cryptocurrency city worth about 6 billion dollars.
(BDAM’s CEO is AKOIN’s technical advisor)

BDAM is a company that develops global scale blockchain mining games and NFT.

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