BDAM Launches BDAM Coin Airdrop Campaign

British Digital Asset Management (BDAM), a Hong Kong based Foundation, in its pursuit of providing the community with a modern-age first-ever hybrid crypto asset exchange, and giving back to its supporters and community, is launching an airdrop campaign for BDAM Coin — the native token to be used as a trading pair within the BDAM Crypto Trading Exchange.

The event is focused on raising awareness about the BDAM Exchange, BDAM Pay, and BDAM dApp store while also incentivized rewards are offered to participants as an appreciation for their support. BDAM is offering BDAM Coins worth of USD 4–35 (depending on the social tasks and referrals) to its new and existing users.

The details of this campaign are given below:

· Reward: 80 BDAM Coins for completing the mandatory Airdrop actions as per the Airdrop Bot

· Extra rewards: 20 BDAM Coins per Extra step

· Referral Reward: 20 BDAM Coin Per Referral


1. All invited subscribers MUST be real people (fakes are not allowed).

2. All invited subscribers should stay in the community till the end of Token Sale

3. You must join the telegram community and telegram announcement channel

4. You must follow the twitter page and retweet the pinned post (Link)

5. Follow instructions/task given by the Airdrop Bot:

About BDAM Coin

BDAM is the native token of the BDAM Hybrid Exchange and has utility within the entire ecosystem surrounding products and solutions offered by BDAM Foundation. BDAM Coin would allow its holders to access all financial products within the BDAM ecosystem and serve as a direct trading pair within the BDAM Exchange.

What makes BDAM stand out among the competitors?

BDAM Foundation offers a multitude of financial products and solutions, which makes it an entire ecosystem. It innovates by offering a hybrid architecture crypto-asset exchange with fiat capabilities ensuring that users get seamless access to all reputable cryptocurrencies without having to worry about security or liquidity. BDAMX also offers robust features Stop Limit, Cold Wallet Storage, Advanced Level Security both to the exchange and user, and transaction throughput of up to 1-Million Transactions per second.

Moreover, the BDAM Foundation also offers a variety of other products such as BDAM Pay, which works as a payment processing, PoS solution provider, and a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, the project also features the BDAM dApp store, which offers software development kits and a launchpad for decentralized applications.

How to Participate in the Airdrop?

Our Intelligent Telegram Bot will assist you in this process. It will provide you with the steps that you need to follow. Following all steps and subscribing successfully, it will make you eligible to receive 80 BDAM Coins of total worth USD 4. Once the compulsory steps are concluded, you can earn USD 6 more by following the optional steps.

You can earn more BDAM Coins by referring your friends and family. For every referral made through your unique referral link provided by Airdrop bot, you get 20 BDAM Coins.

Get started Now

Here is the link:

Note: Please follow all the steps provided by the Airdrop Bot. Do not post your wallet address in the Telegram group/chat.

Referral Bonus: A successful referral rewards 20 DBAM per friend.


Who is Eligible for BDAM Airdrop?

All users are eligible for the BDAM Airdrop as long as all the given steps are completed. Existing members are also eligible for the Airdrop. Joining and referral bonuses will be provided to new users.

When do I get my BDAM Coins?

The BDAM Coins will be distributed upon completion of the Token Sale. Each BDAM Coin is worth 0.05 USD.

Starting Date:

The Airdrop event begins on 12th December 2019 and will be live till 14 days from the date of its commencement or till a maximum of 10K users are achieved. For more information, kindly follow this link:

Social Channels

For more information, please click on the links below:






Telegram Group:

Telegram Announcement Channel:




BDAM is a company that develops global scale blockchain mining games and NFT.

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