Taking a look back at some of our major achievements

A few days left into 2019, we’re taking a look back at the year with all of its exciting milestones. In a short span of time, we’ve launched the project, all of its associated websites, released products, completed a successful airdrop campaign, received accolades across media channels, and signed a number of notable partnerships. Please read on below as we review BDAM in 2019 and what are our plans for the year ahead!

While Beyond Digital Asset Marketplace (BDAM) has just launched during the last month of 2019, i.e., by the 5th of December 2019, the project has achieved great results in less than a month. The team has been doing excellent work in the background — even when the platform was not launched formally — and that is why BDAM has established itself as a competitive platform within the crypto space for the year onward i.e., 2020. Our community has grown significantly over the course of the last two weeks, while our team and advisory board have expanded exponentially.

Moving Forward to 2020

2020 is where the BDAM Project is expected to go into the real market and offer its services and products to users on a global scale. Starting with launching its Beta Version of the BDAM Exchange Platform in the last week of 2019, the management is committed to launching the first Alpha Version of BDAM Pay by 1st week of 2020. Moreover, the mobile version of the BDAM Hybrid Exchange i.e., BDAMX, will also be live in the above-mentioned timeline. The next milestone would be the launch of the BDAM dApp store, development of which has entered into later stages.

The Vision for 2020

The vision for 2020 is to lay a strong foundation to create a modern financial ecosystem that resolves the issues faced by consumers while making payments through traditional banking channels or using crypto-assets. In this pursuit, the management would be conducting the public sale i.e., Initial Exchange offering in the first quarter of 2020. By the second quarter, all key applications, including BDAMX, BDAM Pay, and BDAM dApp Store, would be fully deployed and ready for community participation and usage. For the third and fourth quarters, all mobile versions would be released. Moreover, the leadership would also strive to launch its dedicated Debit Card functionality, too, while at the same time offering PoS functionality for merchants and eCommerce store owners.

Moving forward, the detailed roadmap is given below:

A detailed roadmap for 2020

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