Blockchain AR mining game launch LP (Liquidity Providers) promotion!

Uniswap liquidity provider

BDAM supports benefits for Uniswap liquidity providers as an event for the launch of an augmented reality mining game.
BPAL Coin is a utility token that is traded not only in mining games, but also in the NFT marketplace and the NFT DeFi project.

* Just change the trading pair to BPAL and you will share 2% of the total stake in BPAL!

* Participate now and take advantage of the great benefits!

* How to participate
Event period: 50 days (April 10-May 30)
Participate in LP:

2. Ranking of liquidity supply within the period (Standard utc 07:00 May 30th)
1st place 2 million BPAL
2nd place 800,000 BPAL x 2
3rd place 300,000 BPAL x 5

3. Share the total supply of BPAL tokens X 2%(100m) Standard utc 07:00
(Standard Uniswap pooled amount for montly)

Current BPAL price: 0.1~0.2 usd (Standard on Uniswap transactions)

* Coming Soon Projects
1. NFT Marketplace such as Opensea
2. DeFi exchange such as Uniswap
3. Unreal Engine High Quality Mining Game
4. Mining Tournament Game Platform such as Netflix
5. Blockchain Video Social NFT such as Snapchat
6. Blockchain Metaverse NFT-like Roblox, The Sims

Participate in LP:

BDAM is a company that develops global scale blockchain mining games and NFT.

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