BPAL project roadmap schedule 2021

Q1 2021 [January — March]:
Milestone: Defi mining game launch
Blockchain Augmented Reality Mining Game Release
Game Mining Airdrop Event

Q2 2021 [April — June]:
Milestone: Defi lending NFT launch
Blockchain game NFT
NFT Marketplace (post famous museums, art galleries, and game items)
Blockchain Mining Game NFT Tournament Platform (20 more games E-SPORTS)
Defi lending/lease/staking NFT
Disclosure API
Listings (Uniswap, etc.)

Q3 2021 [July — September]
Milestone: Defi Video Social launch
Blockchain AI, AR video social
Video Social NFT
About 5~10 mining games scheduled to be launch
-Achieve 1 million MAU
-Achieve 10 million MAU
Disclosure API

Q4 2021 [October — December]
Milestone: Mainnet

Disclosure: xangle


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